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Standard Framework Experts Review


The Higher Ground Foundation has developed a draft framework for qualifying projects to earn “vulnerability reduction credits” (VRCs™). This framework includes first-order standards for methodology formulation, project requirements, and project document validation and monitoring report verification.

The Framework Scope includes key principles, general requirements, project boundary/leakage, baselines, modeling requirements, outcomes confidence, additionality, community acceptance requirements, and other key elements that all methodologies must comply with in order to be registered.

Expert Reviewers

To complete the framework development so that projects will be able to be registered and receive VRCs, The Higher Ground Foundation has now selected an external Experts Group to review and enhance the draft Standard Framework, and ancillary guidance documentation.

The Higher Ground Foundation will guide and support these activities, including drafting templates, guidance documents, and supporting Experts Group meetings and document development and review.

Starting off with a web meeting on 30 January 2017, the Framework review will be undertaken in phases over a period through April, followed by further material preparation and review and completion and announcement of the validated, public Framework in the Autumn of 2017.

We would like to thank the many Reviewer applicants for their interest; for those who would like to follow the review process, we encourage you to watch this space for updates on the progress toward the official announcement later this year.

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