Creating a future where the best responses to climate change are the choices the world wants to make.
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Climate change threatens, harms and destroys infrastructure, agricultural production, water resources, human health, and ecosystems. Developing countries, responsible for a fraction of historical greenhouse gas emissions, will be hurt the most.

To encourage investment in climate adaptation projects, The Higher Ground Foundation created the Vulnerability Reduction Credit, or VRC™, an economic measure of the effects of such projects in reducing vulnerability. The VRC is an exchangeable certificate that a project has met and is meeting its adaptation targets. VRCs are a means to quantifiably assess a project, based on sustained attention to maintaining climate resilience. As such they may be used for monitoring and evaluating projects, prioritizing investments, and could be purchased by parties interested in securing verifiable reductions in climate vulnerability from climate adaptation.

We are at an exciting point in our development. After development and a comprehensive review by over 40 experts, we have released of VRC Standard Framework and launched our "Pilot Implementation and Partnerships Phase.  We invite you to join us in pioneering projects, methodologies, and financing mechanisms to create a future where the best responses to climate change are the choices the world wants to make.  

Have a look through our story, work, and results on these pages, and contact us if you would like to discuss how we could  partner.

  • HGF signatory to the ResilienceIntel Founding Charter.  See News for further information.

  • Higher Ground's Karl Schultz lectures on Adaptation Metrics and VRC's for Urban Systems at Adaptation Metrics Conference in Morocco.  See News for further information and Karl's presentation slides..

  • HGF is very please to become a member of the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN).  See News for further information.

  • Public Consultation of the VRC Standard Framework ended on 1 May - the published draft is available online for Pilot Implementation and Partnership Phase activities.  

  • Higher Ground's Karl Schultz was in Frankfurt to speak at Innovate4CLIMATE's Workshop on Adaptation Metrics. 


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