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Vulnerability Reduction Project Manager - Flood Defense: a new tool for measuring adaptation

To help plan, implement, and evaluate flood adaptation project options, we present the Vulnerability Reduction Project Manager for Urban Flooding (VRPM-FloodDefense™). This is a comprehensive tool for planners and engineers involved in urban flood reduction to evaluate system vulnerabilities and compare and prioritize the potential impacts of competing and integrated flood management approaches, integrating hydrological, engineering, socio-economic, and climate change parameters into one tool.


A Key for VRC Crediting and Project Finance

VRPM-FloodDefense uses a quantifiable economic approach to understand impacts and integrates a tool for quantifying projects using the Higher Ground Foundation’s vulnerability reduction credit (VRC™) registration and issuance standards. VRCs can be the basis for project finance and budget planning, and could be an approach that governments, aid donors, and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change’s adaptation finance commitments could be tapped.

Our VRC Project Management Tool is ready for beta testing.
VRPM-FloodDefense is only the first iteration in the development of a complete suite of adaptation project management tools, which in addition to flood defenses will help develop VRC projects to combat the effects on communities of many climate change impacts. Future tools will be tailored toward agricultural adaptation, landslide protection and avoidance, human health and disease prevention, and many other adaptation project types.
To develop these tools, we look forward to partnering with communities, project developers, and organisations looking to fund climate change adaptation. This cooperation could take many forms, for instance, project piloting or scaling up, developing test transactions, technical optimization work, etc.  Talk to us to consider the ways we could work together to make urban areas flood resilient, and stand up to climate change. We’ll be happy to demonstrate the VRPMUrban Flood and explore the benefits of working together.
For further details, download our VRPM brochure:  

The VRPM-FloodDefense logo is courtesy of Wikimedia commons.

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