Project Cycle

The Project Development Cycle Diagram below illustrates seven steps, responsible parties, and their expected outputs.  The roles of each responsible party for adaptation projects are reflected in the outputs each party produces: 
  • project proponent & consultant(s)

  • 3rd party auditor

  • The Higher Ground Foundation. 

Further to this cycle, for each 10 year project period, the project must revisit the baseline in conformity to the currently approved methodology.  This ensures that a project's design and credit issuances are improved and better aligned with results, based on:
  • improvements in understanding of climate changes, their impacts and related impact costs at the local level
  • changes in socio-economic conditions where the project is underway
  • lessons learned from the project and other adaptation experiences, including how impact costs are assessed, and how the project reduces these costs.
The result of such a baseline review is that the VRC system supports dynamic, pathways approaches to adaptation planning while giving project proponents and funders a viable way to plan, prioritize and measure results.

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