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The Pilot Implementation and Partnerships Phase (PIPP) is about two things: piloting the VRC Standard Framework on a diverse set of projects, and building partnerships with the people and organizations that can make the VRC into a robust instrument used world-wide to build climate resilience.

A Higher Ground Foundation Working Group, in consultation with a number of partners, drafted a Statement on Policy and Processes that aims to provide an explanation of the Pilot Implementation and Partnerships Phase (PIPP), the various parties involved, their roles, rights and obligations and the processes under which climate Vulnerability Reduction Credits (VRC’s™) are assessed. It will also highlight necessary deviations from the VRC Standard Framework (“the Standard Framework”) and other guidelines during the PIPP, as well as the status and applicability of the outputs of VRC assessment under the PIPP.

This document additionally delineates the legal status of the Higher Ground Foundation (“HGF”); the status of real and intellectual property developed or acquired during the PIPP; and the roles and responsibilities of those representing the HGF during the PIPP.  

The statement is now publicly available here

If you'd like to work with Higher Ground or have any comments about the PIPP, contact us below

If you have an idea for a project, review our Call for Projects page, and fill out our Request for Project Concept Notes

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