HGF pleased to be a founding member of the International Platform for Adaptation Metrics (IPAM)

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

HGF is very pleased to be one of the founding members of the International Platform for Adaptation Metrics (IPAM). HGF signed IPAM's Memorandum of Agreement along with three other institutions on May 22 of 2020, and is responsible for steering the Techniques and Tools Sub-committee. “The IPAM fills a critical and timely role to convene and focus expertise on adaptation metrics, a critical need to steer investment to climate adaptation," HGF Executive Chairman Karl Schultz mentions. “HGF believes that only through collaboration with other expert and sectoral organisations will it be possible to identify and deploy metrics that point to the best approaches and projects supporting climate vulnerable communities."


HGF has been involved in the international conferences and workshops on adaptation metrics organised since 2016 that have culminated in the creation of IPAM. For more information on IPAM and how you could participate, read the linked “IPAM in a Nutshell” document here.

HGF Creates Contingent Valuation Database

Looking to collaborate with partners to expand use of CV for adaptation

Monday, September 30, 2019

The Higher Ground Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of the first-of-its kind database of contingent valuation studies applicable for climate adaptation impact assessment.

HGF Executive Chairman, Karl Schultz, notes that "many of the real impacts of climate change cannot be measured using market pricing approaches, and require alternative approaches to incorporate their values into the avoided impact analysis. While AICs that are calculated from market prices are completely appropriate, non-market AICs are equally important and applicable, but may be more challenging to establish with sufficient confidence." 


The database, prepared by HGF intern Theeranai (Bek) Charaschanya, is intended to provide support in estimating the non-monetised factors, and refers to work HGF has undertaken in creating an accessible database of applicable studies.

HGF is opening up a dialogue with experts who are interested and/or are developing expertise in valuing adaptation impact costs and benefit.  We wish to share our findings while gathering from the experts community more insights, studies, and data that can support AIC estimation.

VRCs for Cities Presented at Adaptation Metrics Conference

HGF contributes to conference featuring IPCC's Chairman and Secretary

Friday, October 26, 2018

Higher Ground participated during the week of October 24 - 27 in the latest Adaptation Metrics Conference at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University in Benguerir, Morocco.  Of note:

- The conference started with a launch event for the IPCC's Special Report on 1.5 degrees, with Hoesung Lee and Abdalah Mokssit, IPCC's Chair and Secretary outlining the findings and plans for the upcoming sixth assessment

- The conference focussed on metrics for water, agriculture, and cities.  

- HGF gave a keynote presentation on "Cities as systems: application of vulnerability reduction credits across heterogenous stressors for dynamic adaptations"

- HGF also contributed to an advanced course preceding the conference, giving a comprehensive overview of adaptation metrics.

HGF Signatory to ResilienceINTEL Charter

HGF will partner to harmonize data/approaches for measuring climate resilience

Sunday, October 14, 2018

​The Higher Ground Foundation (HGF) is very pleased to be a signatory to the Founding Charter of the ResilienceINTEL initiative.  


ResilienceINTEL is a coalition effort, intended to leverage economy-shaping insights from the fields of Earth-systems science, social sciences and economics, public and private finance, industry and community-level quality-of-life, to visualize overall resilience.  HGF’s principles are fully in line with the Charter’s Principles, Aims and Mission and we look forward to forging a strong partnership to support our mutual objectives and harmonize the climate Vulnerability Reduction Credit (VRC™) and its Standard Framework with the insights of ResilienceINTEL.

HGF unveils our Statement on Policy and Processes

A statement on our PIPP phase

Friday, June 15, 2018

We've just released a statement that comprehensively explains the ins and outs of the Pilot Implementation and Partnerships Phase and what it means to be a part of this phase. If you're thinking about teaming up with Higher Ground as a partner, do read through this statement to get a better understanding of what your roles, rights, and obligations would be.

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HGF pleased to be a founding member of the International Platform for Adaptation Metrics (IPAM). Read more

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