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Tools for VRCs

Making VRC Analysis Easier and Better

The Higher Ground Foundation encourages development of tools and datasets that everyone may use to (among other things) understand VRC generation potential, assess adaptation alternatives, and prepare project documents (PDs) for project registration.  In addition, the development and testing of different methodologies needs to combine rigour, simplicity, and clarity.

As such, HGF is working to develop model tools and encourages adaptation and standards experts to collaborate in further advancing the suite of tools available.  We encourage partnerships with climate services providers, adaptation sectoral experts, and standards and digital solutions experts.  

HGF also works to identify and adapt existing data and analyses to apply for VRC methodologies and project document preparation.

Vulnerability Reduction Project Managers (VRPMs)

To help plan, implement, and evaluate adaptation projects in different sectors, HGF is developing what it calls Vulnerability Reduction Project Managers.  So far, we've prepared VRPM-FloodDefence™. This is a comprehensive tool for planners and engineers involved in urban flood reduction to evaluate system vulnerabilities and compare and prioritise the potential impacts of competing and integrated flood management approaches, integrating hydrological, engineering, socio-economic, and climate change parameters into one tool.

We've also developed a more basic VRPM tool that may be applied for adapting some agricultural practices to be more climate resilient. 


Contingent Valuation for Adaptation


HGF has an ongoing project on application of the approach called "contingent valuation" for climate adaptation, to expand the potential for integrating non-market value into VRC quantification.  This toolkit is intended to provide support in estimating the non-monetised factors, and refers to work HGF has undertaken in creating an accessible database of applicable studies.


Other Tools and Partnerships in Co-development

HGF welcomes relationships with other groups through our Pilot Implementation and Partnership Phase to integrate VRCs into their tools and data/analytical platforms.  We are partnered with Adaptation Ledger Limited in developing a "coastal application" that would use VRC analysis to help coastal communities adapt to sea level rise and more severe storm surges.   We are also working with researchers at Uganda's Makerere University Center for Climate Change Research & Innovations (MUCCRI) on a research project to identify and evaluate sustainable incentives for climate adaptation and are keen to engage with experts on this important issue.

To develop these tools, data sets, and other analytical outputs, we look forward to partnering with communities, project developers, and organisations looking to fund climate change adaptation. This cooperation could take many forms, for instance, project piloting or scaling up, developing test transactions, technical optimisation work, etc.  Get in touch with us to consider the ways we could work together to make urban areas flood resilient, and stand up to climate change. 

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